Dear Senator,

When you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, you took on an obligation to show respect for all Americans by listening to our concerns and representing us fairly in front of our neighbors.

We the People is a concept that has possessed the minds of…

When Carl Sagan referred to science as a “candle in the dark,” he did not intend for that to mean that science provides a light by which we shall read the Rules Which We Must Unquestioningly Follow. Rather, we are already in the dark. We are floating around out here in the vastness and glory of space and science is the light we can see in the distance. Is it a candle? A streetlight? The lights of Tokyo as seen from a plane? Is it a sun? Instead of attempting to do the impossible and try to freeze energy itself into an unchanging dogma, science gives us the power to not only ask questions about the lights we see; it gives us the most precious gift of all. It teaches us how to learn.

Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi

Dear Madam Speaker,

My name is Molly Rogers and I am a resident of New Mexico’s CD1. As you know, my former representative Deb Haaland was selected by President Biden to be Secretary of the Interior. Since her seat will remain unfilled until a…

Molly Rogers

Navy Vet. Democrat. Single mother. Not a reasonable substitute for google. Questions everything extensively #FreshVoicesRise

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